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Schlüsselfertigbau - Bauberatung, Ausführung, Planug, Verkauf - Rozga Consultinh InternationalOn wish advise we you gladly over ready for occupancy ones build, Tipps and possibility like you best your building desires to carry out can. Our business partners locked more mehrer large investment projects successfully, like the private holiday houses so the large plants e.g. 16,500 m2 large plot at a building project in the health service. The value of the whole project becomes estimated on 50.000.000,00 EUR.






Quarry Jasenice
Very good selection all concrete places
Computer-controlled production of concrete in one of the most modern concrete works of Europe. Due to a large investment into new machines and with the help of traditionally very suitable gravel and the necessary concrete additives we manufacture a concrete of extraordinary quality. The quality of the concrete is authentic by everyday product control and the certificate for the inserted material, which we got. Our situation at a traffic center lain very favorably, the good equipment of our enterprise and the expert coworkers are guarantors for a fast feed and installation.

Concrete work STETTER M2
Manufactured 2002
Capacity 100 m3/h.

Production all concrete places
- fresh concrete, granulation up to 31.5 mm
- fresh concrete, granulation 0-16 mm
- fresh pumped concrete up to 31.5 mm
- fresh pumped concrete up to 0-16 mm

Production of all concrete marks
MB10? MB15? MB20? MB25? MB30? MB35? MB40
Daily quality control all concrete places
In the production of the concrete very good and certified gravel is used. As required special additives are added to the respective concrete places, in order to achieve the required quality of the concrete.


- plastifikatoren for water impermeability
- additives for the delay of the concrete connection
- additives for the acceleration of the concrete connection
- additives for winter concrete and other one

Extraordinarily good and fast feed as well as installation. On desire of the customer the feed takes place in special concrete mixers.

Possibility of the installation in the necessary height by mixer pumps.

Favourable prices
- big customers discount is granted on the bought concrete
- discount on cash payment and pre-payment
- for each buyer a gift



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