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Rozga Consulting international is active in the area business consultation and tourism investments. As consequence of the large demand of foreign companies, which want to establish themselves in Croatia, it turns ever more companies to us, with the desire that we support it in their business activities.

Rozga Consulting international strives to become fair with its international coworker team the requirements of its business partners, in regard to legal questions, strategic planning, market study, project management and more.



We recognize the increasing market in its earliest phase and thus also the needs of our customers. Our knowledge, which is justified on intellectual abilities and  Rozga Consulting international - consultation knowledge of all important aspects of the taxation and finances, makes an optimal business activity and profit possible.

Rozga Consulting international is to be carried out thanks of its business relations in a the position in shortest time of projects in completely Croatia. We guarantee seriosity and reliable service. So a strong community follow outstanding investors, agencies, industrial concerns and service enterprise


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